Twitter Updates for 2007-10-25

  • @marcforrest Sleepless nights till Leopard? #
  • @marcforrest Well, ja, and on that note I was told I can probably get the Leopard upgrade for about R200 #
  • @marcforrest Yup, HUGE win. Now all I need to fund is a 1GB memory upgrade and a new bag #
  • @stii Yup, I bought my MacBook after the cut off date to qualify for an upgrade. I have to pay for shipping or something #
  • @stii I think it is the 1st of October #
  • @stii I’ll send you screenshots till you can afford the upgrade … 😛 #
  • @stii You’re right and because I don’t know when the upgrade packs will be available, you may be sending me screenshots first #
  • @stii Ok, you win, new MBP and all and ja, probably will ship with Leopard. Have you seen the demo video? #
  • @stii There is a lot of eye candy for sure. Looking forward to Time Machine, my old backup software doesn’t work on my MB #
  • Anyone using Google Shared Stuff to share links? #
  • @royblumenthal I keep GCal synchronised with iCal and love using it. Great interface and easy to use. #

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