Cerebra’s new home on the Web

Mike Stopforth dropped me an IM this evening with a link to his post announcing Cerebra’s new site. At first glance the site is certainly much better looking than the first site Cerebra put up a while ago (and the last version I looked at).

Cerebra 3

As corporate sites go this is a good one and you have all the essentials for a web presence of a company that promotes the use of social media: a couple free downloads including a pdf of The Cluetrain Manifesto, a basic portfolio with some pretty impressive clients (there are a couple funny character artifacts in the text of the content though – probably an encoding issue), a blog (which should probably be updated more than once a month) and information about Cerebra itself.

Visually the site looks great and you can even link to the page which has information about the 27 Dinners which, despite starting out as an apparently independent phenomenon, are now a Cerebra institution. The site is a very attractive Drupal installation (certainly one of the best I have seen).

I would expect to see more Cerebra content on the site in the form of more frequent blog posts and more original and varied media content available to visitors to the site. Being the Creative Commons advocate I like to think I am, I’d also like to see the content published under a suitable Creative Commons license. I am sure SEO people may have something to say about the permalinks on the site (lots of stuff in there which could perhaps be simplified) too. I don’t see an obvious feed icon. This might lead visitors to believe there is no feed to subscribe to and this is a loss for Cerebra.

Overall, I like the site. It is good to look at and has a nice feel to it. As the site of a social media business I would expect to see more on the site to keep me coming back though. Nice job people.

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