Twitter Updates for 2007-10-12

  • @ircmaidon I saw some chatter that they are in Joburg. Is there a gathering? #
  • @ircmaidon Can’t believe I have been left off the "Cool Kids" list! 😉 #
  • @eved I think we should form our own Cool Kids group – Kool Kidz! #
  • Kool Kidz Rulz! #
  • @eved Good move, I am terrible with vast sums of money and temptation … not that I have had much experience with that #
  • @eved I find Fantasy Land more fulfiling … #
  • @eved Yeah, bucketloads! #
  • @justinhartman I am signing in now, I’ll try add you #
  • Check out Vincent’s blog, ongoing investigation of the enigmatic Bolton Deventer: #
  • @justinhartman Dude, add me using my mobile number 083 444 8260 #
  • @henre On Mxit? #
  • @henre and @justinhartman It doesn’t seem to be registering #
  • lol #
  • @eved In short he is a bit like Guy McLaren, I’ll find a post with more info for you #
  • @eved That is great news! #
  • @eved Take a look at #
  • @henre I’ll log out and back in again and see #
  • @henre They are not that fantstic #
  • @henre the iPhone won’t be cheap either. The N95 8GB is pretty good too #
  • @henre Careful, cracked iPhones are being bricked depending on how they are hacked #
  • @daveduarte What time will you be there? #
  • @eved He wouldn’t have received either for his work if he had been elected #
  • @eved Very true! #
  • @DaveDuarte I will see you guys a little later in Rosebank, off to gym now #

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