Twitter Updates for 2007-10-11

  • I’ve been approached to speak on corporate security and ICT law on Tuesday … eish! #
  • @unodewaal No, at a Marcus Evans event on Monday and Tuesday in Joburg #
  • @justinhartman I agree, @ircmaidon where is your support for our struggling developers? #
  • @ircmaidon There seems to be a problem with the Bizcommunity site #
  • Cool Apple Buddy in Sandton is convenient but they suck as customer service #
  • The reason why there aren’t more Macs in use in SA is because Apple suppliers don’t frikkin return calls! #
  • @(2bctnd) Perhaps but here is a perfect opportunity to address that and they are squandering it #
  • @(2bctnd) Apple drives me nuts sometimes #
  • @(2bctnd) Don’t even think that. I am using a PC which needs power! #
  • @marcforrest Of course. Very positive influence! #
  • Frig, I hate it when I post the wrong thing in the wrong window … #
  • @charlvn Oh ja, or something not fit for children’s eyes about chocolate syrup and strangely shaped marshmellows … #
  • @justinhartman I hope you noticed I used in a Jaiku post! #
  • @charlvn I generally don’t have an issued with weed … 😛 #
  • @charlvn Erg, I meant "issue with" and not "issued with" #
  • @DaveDuarte I have a couple ideas how Jaiku could be used for projects – better suited I think #
  • @royblumenthal Thanks for the tip. I have already made plans to source new Macbook elsewhere if I buy one #
  • @rafiq There is work being done on private channels if they can’t be closed off already #
  • @paulfabretti If you can use the Series 60 app for Jaiku, I’d go for it #
  • @paulfabretti is also very convenient and makes it really easy to keep tabs on what people are talking about #
  • @justinhartman Ja, but I thought I’d at least to get some of the traffic on my site, ranking is looking low #
  • @eveD There is a little bit of a lag with Twitter updates to Jaiku but it makes sense #
  • @Daveduarte Just saw your post about Jaiku registrations, do you need invites? #
  • @eved not sure about Facebook updates via Twitter, there was some buzz about it recently though #
  • Interest rates up again! Jeez … #
  • @eved Today by .5% to a repo rate of 10.5% #
  • #
  • @justinhartman I am just thinking about my ever increasing bond payments .. bugger #
  • @eved and @justinhartman the cheap one, right? #
  • lol @justinhartman #
  • @justinhartman Not sure if it works that way around although maybe take a look at the api? #
  • @justinhartman Mind you, look at The Times’ twitter account, I am sure the same thing can be done for your Jaiku stream #
  • @justinhartman Yes but if we are all on Jaiku then we can keep the banter alive and fluid! #
  • @justinhartman I think this is cause for a massive campaign to convert the Twittering masses! #

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