Bolton Deventer … Guy McLaren … is there a difference?

There is a fair amount of chatter in the local blogosphere about a new character on the scene, Bolton Deventer, who apparently has some controversial views about sex and Web marketing. Bolton has caused a considerable ruckus and even Mr Maher has stepped in and posted his thoughts. I got to play in the Guy McLaren sandpit a little while ago and when I first took a look at Bolton’s blog a day or so ago I just rolled my eyes. When I saw how worked up some people seemed to be getting over his posts (I must just point out that Bolton does seem to be fabricating some of the comments on his blog which are seemingly from other people) I just shook my head.

Is it not obvious that Bolton and McLaren are the same? Either in the sense that Bolton is a fiction McLaren invented to stimulate, um, debate or the two are cut from the same crazy cloth. Seriously?!

Every post is calculated to inflame and bait. If you go and get caught up in the tangle then you only have yourself to blame. Good luck with that!

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