Twitter Updates for 2007-10-10

  • Hmm, down to 6 Jaiku invites … #
  • @marcforrest Will you direct message me your email address for the invite? #
  • @marcforrest Done, thanks, down to 5 invites … I wonder if I will get more #
  • eish, then anyone who wants an invite better contact me ASAP for the rest #
  • @unodewaal It works for smaller minds like me … 😉 #
  • @marcforrest Looks like they are taking a bit of strain, imagine the load! #
  • My guess is that Jaiku is picking up tons of users and is going to be come a lot more interesting #
  • @unodewaal Netvibes widgets are for girly men #
  • @thescott Where is Fernando Romano from? #
  • @paulfabretti That would make Twitter a fine participant in the Open Social Web #

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