Twitter Updates for 2007-10-09

  • Frig! Can’t import mail from Apple Mail into Thunderbird … frig! #
  • lol @EveD – it is the leisure activity that can result in additions to the family … Baby Making Weather #
  • @EveD and @IrcMaidon I really should be more grateful to have my wife #
  • @EveD Yes ma’am! #
  • I’ll take a look and see where I can pitch in – just dealing with a computer issue at the moment 😛 #
  • Don’t you hate it when you type some message intended for a person in Twitter by mistake? #
  • Windows really pissing me off btw #
  • good thing I didn’t post something really sensitive like a question about someone’s rash … #
  • @ircmaidon Shame on you for driving to work to check tweets, you can do it on your phone #
  • @eved I don’t think they grant bail for that sort of thing #
  • Can anyone recommend a good, free zip file app for Windows? #
  • Thanks @marcforrest – downloading now #
  • @ircmaidon Thanks, I’ll check that out. Extracting a 1GB archive with 7-zip now #
  • at this point shelling out R14k for a new Macbook seems cheap compared to using Windows #
  • thanks @ircmaidon #
  • @CraigN It works pretty well actually #
  • Holy Moley, Jaiku has been acquired by Google! #
  • @ircmaidon Done – sent to your gmail account. I have 9 more invites if anyone wants one. #
  • @EveD I wouldn’t go that far. I guess it depends on what Google will do with Jaiku. Twitter is a great service. #
  • @justinhartman Done, on its way to you now. #
  • @eved Your invite is on its way too #
  • @ircmaidon and @justinhartman Try the mobile app if you have a Series 60 phone. Very cool! #
  • The reason why Jaiku is big news now is because of the potential Google introduces to an already innovative and powerful app and dev team! #
  • @eved, @justinhartman and @daveduarte I have been using Basecamp as an extranet and it is a powerful tool for projects. Def worth a trial! #
  • Falling asleep here and I have two items due for iCommons … I tend to do these things late at night #
  • Happy birthday to Mr Hartman! #

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