Twitter Updates for 2007-10-08

  • It could cost R8k to repair my Powerbook. A new black Macbook costs R14k. Repair or replace? What do you think? #
  • @henre If it comes to replacing I may have to vapourise the old one for security and therapeutic reasons. #
  • @justinhartman That would be a Core 2 Duo and you may have a point there. Besides, if I put it on budget it isn’t my money, right? 😉 #
  • @henre I have heard about them actually. Would need a really big blender though. #
  • @henre Yeah, although she would be less charmed if I could work effectively because my workhorse died. #
  • @justinhartman A Macbook Pro is a little beyond my price band, even with Standard Bank paying. I’ll be looking at the MBP’s younger cousin. #
  • @stii Yeah, a MBP would be great but a Macbook would probably be just fine for me. Watch Apple bring out something 10x day after I upgrade. #
  • @royblumenthal I still need to have Powerbook checked out. Could be logic board damage from when I dropped it early this year. #
  • @eved Getting a MBP now would prob mean hiking fees and I can’t do that to my clients! 😉 I reckon any current Mac will handle new OS. #

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