Twitter Updates for 2007-10-03

  • Hi @ijustine #
  • And Twitter loves you right back @ijustine #
  • Must be insurance season, keep getting calls from banks trying to sell me more insurance #
  • @EveD I’m not sure actually. I have a vague memory that it could be although I think that is more a credit issue #
  • @royblumenthal They have enough of my money! #
  • Getting started with Google AdWords for my business #
  • @ircmaidon Very good idea! #
  • @ircmaidon Another option is a Jaiku account/channel which makes it easier to track comments #
  • Watching Scoble interviews with Plaxo people on my iPod #
  • Does Plaxo intend Pulse to be the next Facebook or something that will serve Facebook and other services? #
  • I am getting excited about Pulse as a next gen Facebook. I wonder if I have misunderstood Pulse. #
  • Ok, maybe not. Pulse is just a bit more complicated that just a new social net. #
  • I’d like to see Pownce like granularity in Pulse when it comes to deciding who to share what with. Certainly groups of contacts are good. #
  • My wife just took a break from Scrabulous to tuck me in (watching iPod in bed) #
  • Elements of ClaimID in Pulse now too. #
  • Starting to really understand microformats #
  • @henre Scoble’s interviews with the Plaxo guys are really helpful. #
  • Sure thing @henre. I am going to check out a couple more things myself in the morning. #
  • John McCrea at Plaxo has been giving me great feedback and has helped facilitate a couple fixes for little things that I reported. #
  • 3 Plaxo interviews by Scoble later and I really feel like I have just scratched the surface #
  • Plaxo does a lot of what Jaiku, Twitter, Facebook news feed and even ClaimID do while not seeking to replace them either #
  • It is probably a meta service first, not seeking to convert you from your existing services and rather harnessing them. #
  • Eyes closing. Bed time for me. Why not connect to me on Plaxo (sign up, add me to your address book – and Pulse. #

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