Twitter Updates for 2007-09-19

  • I just scared my wife. We had blood taken and I passed out after the nurse was done with me. Didn’t realise till I woke. #
  • I haven’t seen much traffic in the blogosphere about iHeritage on Sunday. No interest? #
  • @unodewaal iHeritage is this next Sunday, the 23rd … 😛 #
  • iCommons staff are piling into Jaiku #
  • The iHeritage channel is looking good, got all the major feeds in place. Are we missing any? #
  • @PaulWalsh I was chatting to Jyri at Jaiku this morning and he was also saying he would like to see interoperability #
  • @PaulWalsh What is the video about? #
  • @CraigN It has taken a while for this whole process #
  • @meerkatje Track me down when you register on Jaiku so I can add you to my contact list. My ID is pauljacobson #
  • @meerkatje Do you think Helen Zille would be receptive to a request for assistance with iHeritage? #

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