Twitter Updates for 2007-09-12

  • If anyone has received a Quechup invitation from me, please ignore it! It is a spam service. Apologies!! #
  • @CraigN Good move! I am seriously pissed off about this! #
  • @CraigN Pretty much. It used access I gave it to my Gmail contacts to spam people. I have since changed my password. #
  • @CraigN You are a wiser man than me! #
  • @Unodewaal If you are battling with Windows, would a move to Ubuntu not be a cheaper move? #
  • @unodewaal ah, ok #
  • Shana Tovah and well over the Fast to all my Jewish contacts and friends! #
  • @CraigN Thanks dude, @The_Lush You’re welcome! #
  • My laptop HD sounds like a Formula 1 car #

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