Guy McLaren fights back

So it seems commenting on my post about Guy McLaren wasn’t enough for Guy to set things straight from his perspective. It seems he needs a little extra help to reaffirm his views on how to put together a web site and market it properly on the Web. He has resorted to a time tested solution: launching personal attacks on his critics (go on, visit his blog, he obviously needs the traffic). Of course I am one of those critics who he has taken to task. Here is his contribution about me:

I noted that Paul Jaconson jumped on the anti-Guy McLaren bandwagon on his blog. I think that this sign of desperation to get more visits to his blog, which IMHO is a load of bollocks is telling of the laziness of Journalists today.

I say this because he has never approached me for any information. He has never communicated with me in any form. How can he claim that his blog is anything but biased, based on hearsay and absolute bull twaddle.

Paul are you man enough to admit that you are not worthy of the title Journalist? Are you man enough to admit that you jumped in without any real information? Can you tell me why you would write such crap about someone that you don’t know? Did I offend your frail sensibilities by writing about the MUTI clique, Are you one of them?

I find this man odious, In my opinion he has the morals of an alley cat, the brain of a slug and the personality of a dead chicken.

The one thing I must take issue with is this notion that I am a journalist. To say I am a journalist is arguably unfair to the many good journalists out there who do really good work and strive to report the truth about important issues. I am not a journalist. On this blog I am just a commentator on things that I feel are worth commenting on. I don’t claim to be the arbiter of Truth, Justice and the Right Way. I just tell you what I think about a range of topics.

A number of people (Guy included) have wondered why anyone would read what I write here. Sometimes I wonder the same thing but there seem to be a few people who are interested in what I have to say and that is great. I like knowing that what I say has some value for some people. That being said there are many other fantastic writers out there whose shadow I am privileged to be able to stand in. Heck, some of those people even read this blog.

This blog is my soapbox. I write here as much for myself as I do for my readers. I don’t mind if my ranking on Amatomu is 800 or 8. In fact, I am probably as surprised as Richard that my ranking is 8 on Amatomu. I really don’t get too caught up on what people think about me on this blog. If you find my writings interesting and worth reading, fantastic, if you unsubscribe immediately and head over to one of the other 70-odd million blogs out there, good for you.

One of the things I do care about is people who purport to be experts about something and aren’t. That isn’t too much of a problem in itself but it does become a problem when other people rely on that “expertise” and are let down.

Back to the personal attacks on Nic and Charl, well take those attacks from whence they come. Those of us who are privileged to know Nic and Charl know that Guy’s criticisms are nonsense, particularly the contention that Charl could be the hacker who defaced Guy’s site a while ago. That is just petty, defamatory and desperate. Guy, if you feel strongly about your methods and techniques then at least be confident enough in them to allow them to speak for themselves. You obviously have a number of customers who you have helped and good for them and for you. There are, however, a large number of people who think you are up a creek without a paddle and they won’t be going to you for advice. That is their choice too. It really shouldn’t cause you to doubt yourself enough to resort to these sorts of attacks. Apparently they do though.

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