Twitter Updates for 2007-08-27

  • @stii How so? #
  • @stii Yeah, that comparison is pretty interesting although I don’t know that you can compare them directly #
  • I am either installing Ubuntu 7.04 on a partition or I am overwriting my Windows installation altogether … #
  • @stii My wife will erase any indication of my existence on this planet … #
  • It looks like I managed to set up a dual boot. Windows is just checking to see I didn’t destroy anything on its end. #
  • @Unodewaal I have just been playing with it, trying to work out where applications are located in the file system #
  • howdy @MaxKaizen It has been a while since we saw you around #
  • @Unodewaal My audio seems to be ok, gotta find printer CD to install drivers. My brother can’t open DVDs though #
  • @Unodewaal I think all those issues can be resolved with 3rd party apps if need be #
  • @MaxKaizen Good to see you too Max, drop me a line sometime for a 1 2 1 chat #
  • Heard an awesome song last night: "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon #
  • @MaxKaizen With pleasure Max, give me a shout when you are ready #
  • Ok, so I like Ubuntu but can’t find half the apps I am installing. Feels like Day 1 with my Mac again. #
  • Ooh, got google Desktop working on Ubuntu #
  • Cool, Google Earth working #
  • @unodewaal It turns out that not all apps I have installed are in that menu structure #
  • @steverubel The beta Bloglines is a good improvement but I wouldn’t rush away from Google Reader just yet #
  • @gapingvoid Doing my bit for the team … #
  • Getting take out from Melrose Crossing. Steers staff are a bit lethargic tonight. #
  • My wife loves Ubuntu, mostly for the games! #

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