Little things that niggle

I have been noticing aspects of The Times’ website that niggle. Nothing major really. There are just a couple things I would like to see fixed or changed because there are times (excuse the pun) when I just can’t spend more time on that site.

To start with, the title bar for every news story is the same: “The Times – [Insert category name here]” instead of the title of the story. I have often come across articles I want to bookmark and share in or on my tumblelog and I have to copy and paste the story title everytime. It is almost not worth the effort to bookmark and share those stories.

Another niggle is the commenting feature. You have to log in to comment (I’m ok with this, it makes sense to require this) but it first took about 3 days to receive the confirmation email from The Times after I registered and when I do actually log in to comment I am not brought back to the article I was reading before I logged in. Instead I find myself somewhere else and have to try figure out where the story is I wanted to comment on and if I do find it again, I have lost interest in commenting and go somewhere else.

The Times has a multimedia site that has its videos and other media and there is some good stuff there but when I click on the “Multimedia” link I am not taken there. Instead I go to some other page and I can only get to the multimedia site I am looking for by clicking on the “videos” link.

The Times multimedia 1.png

That is just silly. While I am on the topic of multimedia, why is that when I am on the “Blogs” page (which you do actually get to by clicking on the “Blogs” link from the front page) and I click on a particular blog’s link a new window opens in my browser, ignoring my preference to have new links open in new tabs.

Just a few thoughts … take it, leave it …

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