Our Health Minister a “drunk and a thief”

This last week’s legal proceedings against The Sunday Times were probably worth the hassle and the cost. I have just read the paper’s article which labels our Health Minister a “drunk and a thief” and recounts how she was kicked out of Botswana in the 1970s for repeatedly stealing from patients in the Athlone Hospital in Botswana where she was a medical superintendant and how she has been violating liver transplant protocol by continuing to drink alcohol after she received a rare liver recently. Her own liver was reportedly damaged by “auto-immune hepatitis” and it has since been revealed that our Minister was an “alcoholic” and had the standard selection process been applied in this case, she would not have been given the liver she ultimately received. There is more in the article itself.

My question, again, is whether Manto should remain our Health Minister if these allegations are true as The Sunday Times contends? The President has publicly backed her and her reputation and I wonder if the prudent course of action isn’t to at least investigate the allegations and make a determination whether she ought to continue to lead South African health policy when she herself flouts it?

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