Twitter Updates for 2007-08-18

  • We just hired a housekeeper … #
  • At the new Exclusive Books in Sandton City. Very bright and a bit overwhelming. #
  • Shopping really takes it out of me! #
  • Cappucino break at the Walnut Grove in Sandton City. #
  • Giving Google Reader another go … #
  • Off to dinner to celebrate my wife’s birthday #
  • We just had supper at Mikes Kitchen in Parktown. My brother’s burger was badly done. They took it off the bill. #
  • My brother doesn’t hold back. He has worked in good restaurants and doesn’t accept bad service or poorly prepared food. Good for him. #
  • I have started publishing shared feed items from Google Reader to #
  • Zipping through my feeds using Google Reader on my Mac and Nokia N73. Loving Google Reader again. #

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