Twitter Updates for 2007-08-13

  • @MaxKaizen Thanks Max. I will take a look at the site. #
  • My laptop hard drive is buzzing like crazy … is it a death rattle? #
  • Looks like I will be taking my baby to the Apple shop after lunch to have her checked out #
  • Anyone know where I can find a decent and yet cheap 80GB hard drive or so to run an Ubuntu backup system? #
  • Do I need 80GB? #
  • Thanks @CraigN #
  • Sometimes this banking stuff is confusing … #
  • @markforrest We work so we can hopefully buy all the pretties and perhaps stay alive a little longer #
  • @marcforrest Or if we lived in a Star Trek utopia where there is no real concept of money … #
  • Yup, my Powerbook hard drive is out of warranty and about to die. #
  • A new 120gb hard drive for a Powerbook is roughly R1800. #
  • @ maxkaizen Nothing quite like an existential crisis to shake things up a bit. #
  • So is there some sort of law of diminishing returns when it comes to hardware? #
  • Reading an article that advocates charging premium fixed fees #
  • Would you pay a lawyer a premium if you were charged a fixed fee? #
  • Imagine fixed fees for litigation… #
  • Time to head home. Falling asleep over my laptop (which sounds perfect!) #

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