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I was flipping through an insert that comes with the attorneys’ magazine, De Rebus, and I noticed that one of the more tech savvy attorneys in Joburg, Michael de Broglio, is blogging. His blog has been going since May or so and one thing I like about his blog in particular is information about trial dates being allocated by the Johannesburg High Court (8 March 2008 as I write this) as well as both the Johannesburg and Randburg Magistrates Courts. That is handy information to have. Thanks for that Michael.

The one thing I don’t see is any way to interact with Michael on his blog, whether that be through comments or trackbacks. I can understand that he may not want to have to spend inordinate amounts of time fending off spam although spam can be managed pretty effectively with the right tools. I am not sure which platform he is using for his blog. It looks a little like TypePad but it isn’t. I wonder if the platform wasn’t custom made? Either way, it is good to see another attorney blogging. Michael’s firm handles family law, civil litigation and personal injury cases.

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