Two years already!

Today marks the second anniversary of the the founding of Jacobson Attorneys. It is hard to believe it has been two years already. Today is a significant day for a couple reasons.

The first is that I am officially launching a new focus area for my firm today, namely new media law and policy. In a nutshell new media law, to me, is the law pertaining to the flow of content and ideas on the Web. It is the law that impacts on social media (blogs, social networking sites and more) as well as on how people express themselves on the Web. As a focus area it straddles a number of categories including intellectual property rights, Constitutional law (in particular the Bill of Rights), ITC (information, technology and communications) law and general commercial law. I won’t get into too much more detail in this post. Instead I suggest you take a look at my new “About me” page for more detail including information on my fee structure.

The second reason today is significant is that this site has had an update thanks to the talented Justin Hartman. I have retained the original sunflower theme as a central image and theme of my practice and Justin has put together two fantastic themes for me. I may switch them around from time to time so be sure to check back here one in a while.

This is also a good time to thank all my clients for making this second anniversary possible. Some of my clients have been with me since I first opened my doors and it has been real privilege working with them.

And with that, it is back to work for me. Have a fantastic day!


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