Twitter Updates for 2007-07-14

  • In Sandton City with my wife. Might go see Premonition later #
  • Had good lunch and Cinnabon (?). Waiting for Premonition movie to start #
  • What a great movie. Glad we saw it. #
  • We’re heading off to buy a birthday present and then home to our puppies. #
  • Listening to Colette Vogele’s interview with John Buckman on Rules for the Revolution #
  • @ccarfi I think I am still paying on the most basic level and even then, the little critters still beat me from time to time! #
  • @ccarfi I think I tend to spend too heavily on an array of dart guns and don’t save enough money for the bigger weapons! Thanks for the tip #
  • @AlexLee I often find myself having the same debate with myself and my conclusion is guided by where my contacts are and Jaiku’s aggregation #

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