Paul, America is biting our arses already!

Wake up and smell the Rooibos!

Until America starts respecting our IP, they can go to hell! can take out of our cold dead hands! is for South Africans, not for Americans!

If was interested in South Africans in even the slightest way, they would have registered when they had the chance.

They bothered to register

Please face facts: America and Americans do not care about South Africa or South Africans. In fact, they deride us every chance they get.

Speak to Americans online and it won’t be long before you hear them telling us that we live in mud huts and that we are backward baboons.

Your loyalty OUGHT to lie with South Africa!

If you want to have any chance of convincing me you have any point at all, please present examples of cases where America has acted to safeguard South African interests.