What to do about cybersquatters?

I wrote a column this morning for The Times that will probably be published next Wednesday about the blogger who registered the domain “facebook.co.za” and who seems to be cybersquatting on the site under the guise of a seemingly legitimate blog. I noticed that this blog is ranked at #15 on Amatomu as I write this and it strikes me as perverse that a blog such as this which is clearly calculated to take advantage of the tremendous Facebook brand to make a quick buck should rise to prominence on a site like Amatomu and, in the process, receive even more traffic.

I don’t believe the solution is to start editing rankings in Amatomu (or any other blog tracking service) because the rankings tend to even out at the end of the day (we saw that happen with the 1000brownmnms blog not too long ago). What I am wondering is how we should be responding to this sort of blog. I guess it comes down to whether we support this sort of activity or not. If we support cybersquatting, however subtle, then let the likes of this blog become more popular and its owner profit from the attention. If, on the other hand, we don’t approve of this sort of abuse then perhaps we should vote with our mouse clicks and go somewhere else.

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