Two new wiki projects

Two wikis launched in the last week. The first wiki grew out of a discussion with Nic Haralambous about Proudly SA’s difficulties. I suggested to Nic that a community based initiative may be a great way to talk about SA and all the reasons why it rocks so we set up the SA Rocks wiki as a place where anyone can add info and reasons why SA Rocks. The one idea is for this wiki to become a great resource of all the great spots in SA, great sights, wonderful places to get something to eat and more. I saw Nic mention in one of his more recent posts that he receives so many emails from people asking him to talk about them. This is a great opportunity for them to talk about themselves and how they contribute to making SA rock. Just one thing though, this wiki is not an ad space. It is meant to inform people so please don’t use it to blatantly advertise your business. Sure there is a grey area here but as a rule of thumb, keep the info factual and not a sales pitch?

The second wiki is pretty basic and the idea is to post info about wifi hotspots in South Africa. I got it started this morning with a post about the hotspots at the Seattle Coffee Company. The page could probably use a bit more structure and for the time being the idea is to have city listings although it would be a great if people could somehow browse by price and location. The wiki is called the SA WiFi wiki and it is ready for your input. Go wild!

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