A guided tour of the iPhone

I am watching this video at the moment and had to take a break to publish it for you to watch too. It is a 25 minute video and worth every second:

The more I watch the more I feel my resolve weakening. The interface is going to be the big driving force here. It beats any other UI on a mobile device I have seen. It really is a magnificent way to use the device.

I was determined not to jump at the iPhone after I took a look at its specifications but the when I watch these videos, I start salivating. At the moment there are two things that would keep me from saving up for an iPhone for when they eventually arrive here. The first is the absence of HSDPA support and the second is a low resolution camera. For the price I would expect to see the fastest mobile data connection available (at least HSDPA) and a 5 megapixel camera (at least).

That being said, Apple has recently announced improved battery life and a glass front instead of a plastic case so it is possible newer generations of the iPhone will feature the faster data connection and a better camera. That would just about do it for me …

Anyway, I am going to continue watching the video. Let me know what you think?

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