They don’t love you, break up with them!

Doesn’t this video express the problem really well?

Isn’t it time for advertisers to read the “Dear John” letter that is the Social Web and change their ways before we walk out for good? Aren’t we tired of their garish declarations of interest which are really meant for some faceless demographic that doesn’t really represent anyone at all? Do you find yourself crying out “what about me?” when you turn on the TV and watch some bland ad meant for the girl next door? What about your needs? Our needs?

Let’s face it, advertisers are just playing us. They’ll turn to the next guy the moment we don’t fit their profile. They are so superficial that way. Advertisers don’t know the real you, they just think they know some idealised version of you, or someone like you and as long as you fit that ideal, they will love you but as soon as your imperfections show, they’re out the door in a flash … off to woe the next gal.

You are so much better off without them. If they really love you, they will change their ways and respect you for the individual you are with your specific desires and needs. Until then, maybe you should just break up with them. Plenty of agencies in the sea …

(Source: Web Strategy by Jeremiah)

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