We had a great time at the 27 Dinner last night at the Primi in Rosebank. Most of the usual crowd was there as well as a number of new faces. The speakers last night included Colin Daniels from The Times, Erik Hersman (the White African and proprietor of the fine Afrigadget and African Signals sites, to name a few) and Vinny Lingham who gave us a demo of a new development platform called Synthasite which he will soon leave incuBeta to run as CEO.

27 Dinner (27-5) on Sunday, 27 May 2007 - 33

Colin Daniels’ talk was about The Times and lessons learned about controversy on the Web (the David Bullard controversy led to a massive increase in traffic to the Sunday Times site, more than double its usual traffic according to a graph Colin showed us from Alexa). I managed to capture a short video clip from Colin’s talk:

The Zoopy guys were running a competition where people could upload videos and photos from the evening and win a cool digital video camera. I was hoping to upload my videos to Zoopy instead of Revver but there was an issue with the upload so I resorted to Revver instead. Sorry guys!

Erik Hersman was also around to chat to us a bit about his projects. He took us through some interesting opportunities that are made possible using the Jabber platform. There is a pretty interesting mashup involving Muti and Mxit which is an “example how you can use the mobile tools that are available right now to build into your applications.”

He even mentioned a post we published a little while ago which inspired him to come up with this item:

27 Dinner (27-5) on Sunday, 27 May 2007 - 29

Henk Kleynhans from Skyrove chatted a little bit about his wifi hotspot product which enables you to re-sell your bandwidth and actually make some money from it. I am curious whether there are any terms in the terms and conditions that ISPs use that would prohibit the resale of bandwidth like this? If not then this would make so much sense in so many contexts where bandwidth could be shared at a low cost to the group of users in range. It would certainly help alleviate the high costs of bandwidth in South Africa.

All in all, the event was a lot of fun.

27 Dinner (27-5) on Sunday, 27 May 2007 - 39

Thanks again to Mike and his team at Cerebra for organising the event.

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