Money for jam at JB’s in Hyde Park

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. I have had a couple breakfasts at JB’s in Hyde Park and they were pretty good. My current favourite is the Mediterranean breakfast (I think that is the name – it had eggs, mushrooms, haloumi cheese, grilled tomato and toast) and it is very tasty. The mushrooms that came with the last breakfast I had were fantastic! All was well until I started noticing this on my bill at the end of my meal:

JBs slip

Notice the R2 charge for the jam I asked for to accompany my toast? WTF?! That irks me! And the jam they gave me wasn’t exactly huge. Used sparingly it could take care of a slice of toast, maybe a slice and a half if I spread it really thinly:

The jam that cost R2 at JB's

This just seems to be absurd to me. Why charge R2 for a tiny tub of jam where the bill comes to considerably more. That is just rude!

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