Please follow the link to the hypocrit’s press release
It’s unbelievable! The hypocracy of it is just too much… She LOST the case…. and was ordered to pay the costs!!!

And for context:
“SM, who is in her 40s, said she set herself on fire after a friend confronted her about her name and HIV status
being published in the biography of Independent Democrats leader Patricia de Lille.”
“”My life has been totally ruined. It is no longer worth living. I lost my boyfriend,
I lost my home, I lost my furniture. There is nothing more to live for.”,,2-7-1442_1691996,00.html

So Simon’s feelings are hurt and she ruined someone’s life. Which is worse?

It’s a serious concern that the first tool in the toolkit which she reaches for is not the current law, but rather new legislation to censor and control..!

It’s also quite sad that Patricia, the chancellor of the DIT (Durban Institute of Technology), asks in her press release if there isn’t a way for the anonymity could be stripped from the internet. She obviously has no idea of how the internet works and doesn’t. And no one at the institute has bothered to inform her either.

If you read the ID press release is factually incorrect! Are these not the lies we should be guarding against?