Damnit, when are you people going learn to stop making up bullshit.

De Lille did not call on the government to censor blogs. She called on the government to regulate blogs, and cited specifically the problem in holding a blog poster accountable for defamation. There is a world of difference, and it does not help when people with loud mouths try to fit what was said to match their purposes.

Freedom of expression is not absolute. Time and again democratic nations have found in their highest courts that anonymous speech is not protected, and freedom of speech is balanced against limitation of hate speech and defamation.

To PROTECT freedom of speech you have to ensure that the speakers can be held accountable for what they say. If you fail to do this then the only alternative is to apply censorship to prevent restricted forms of speech.

So accept that there IS a problem, and the government IS going to do something about it, and no amount of bitching about the status quo is going to stop them.

Then instead of turning De Lille’s statement into a straw-man and trying to shoot it down, get onto your political representatives and tell them that regulation needs to reduce anonymity so that existing laws can be policed, not impose censorship that will restrict our rights and be impossible to enforce.

Heck, get onto the ID site and tell that to De Lille. I already have.