Not so fast

I was chatting to two people from Media24 at last week’s First Tuesday event (Aquila has a great post on the event itself) and we were chatting about how many mainstream media sites are built on content management systems that were set up a decade ago (give or take) and while there are many reasons to climb on board the Web 2.0 bandwagon and bring the community into the fold, there are some practical challenges which need to be catered for. One of the things I would love to see implemented on a bigger scale are blogs instead of static pages of text but that poses a dilemma. On the one hand you want to really facilitate community participation and on the other hand you really need to manage potentially hundreds of people commenting on stories. As much as it runs contrary to my “free love” theories about social media, moderation becomes a must when there is a brand to protect and a that mainstream paper enjoys massive readership. That is, unless the mainstream paper itself is a brave one. As the saying goes, fortune favours the bold …

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