David Bullard responds …

… and the message is pretty clear really.

We all did exactly what Bullard was aiming for. We, the bloggers, focussed so heavily on Bullard’s clearly inflammatory column so much that we drove a lot of traffic to it. All we did was feed the Bullard marketing machine. This has been a pretty effective case of exploitation and we rushed right into it. I don’t like being manipulated so openly and so brazenly. That is an abuse and I don’t appreciate that at all. But as Bullard said, he is well paid and works for a national paper so I guess he has done his job.

Ok, well that is his prerogative. I won’t be contributing to that marketing machine anymore and I am going to reconsider contributing to the Sunday Times marketing machine in future.

I think it is important to realise that columnists go off on their own tangents and that their views don’t necessarily represent the views of anyone else at Sunday Times or The Times. Ray, Carly and their team are working to integrate blogging and other forms of new media into mainstream media and I don’t believe that they were part of the planning of this stunt. That was Bullard and he is obviously good at it.

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