Google Fails To Blink

TechCrunch has an update on the Google/Viacom lawsuit titled Google Fails To Blink. It seems there won’t be a quick settlement of this case and instead we should see a trial on the issues which will go some way towards either developing or clarifying the interpretation and implementation of American legislation on copyright infringement in the context of online video sharing. We may even see this case having an impact on the interpretation of our law in this area.

Google responded to Viacom’s $1 billion lawsuit over alleged YouTube copyright infringement today. Their answer: Let’s fight this out, in front of a jury.

We earlier predicted that there was no way Google would agree to a settlement with Viacom that involved any damages, and assumed that they would work to sign a licensing deal instead and convince Viacom to simply settle the lawsuit. Viacom later signaled that they weren’t much interested in a deal when they agreed to provide content to Joost and then did a search advertising deal with Yahoo instead of Google.

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