The shocking inefficiencies of fundraising organisations

I heard some stories about a community fundraising organisation (which will unfortunately remain unnamed) that probably has one of the most idiotic mindsets when it comes to how and where they spend their money. In fact, they probably bleed money. Some of the things I have heard include the fact that their primary systems that keep the whole shebang going are hanging by a thread and are coded in Pic Basic which I understand is really old and not designed for what it is being used for.

It gets worse.

One of the people there is using a machine so old it takes a few seconds to register keystrokes and the organisation won’t upgrade that computer to something a little faster, let alone all the other machines which run on Windows 98 which isn’t supported anymore. Apparently one of the sister divisions sends out massive emails (in the MBs) to thousands of recipients, in the process taking up all available bandwidth throughout the organisation and probably overwhelming recipients’ mailboxes where the emails are actually delivered.

I just don’t understand the mentality. There are pretty straightforward things which could be done to their existing infrastructure to improve their efficiency overall and they don’t do it because they are selectively stingy with their cash. The end result is that they are bleeding cash all over the place and won’t spend anything to stop that flow because it means spending some money.

Crazy shit!

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