@Vincent indeed deserved .. and more to come I know , I’ve heard tales of the legend of the Maher mind. Apparently, a tequila or two may also be missing on your recipe for innovation (your brainfuel of choice or so the story has it 😉

In due seriousness though we do need to get involved in the policy-making process or at least actively guiding the strategy for long term sustainability in SA. The government with its pack of parasitic parastatals is unlikely to shape reality in the form of those kind of reforms without pressure and a practical plan. It’s worth taking a look at Alec Erwin’s planned infrastructure policy for the next 3years. As a practical framework to begin discussions, particularly as regard the telecomms development which affects the growth of our sector in particular.

It’s altogether far too late at night to be thinking about getting into the thick mucky complexities of tax and the instantly inflammatory ZA banking sector and creating incentives for risk. But certainly glad we’re starting to have some worthwhile conversation.