This debate seems to be going on, the blogosphere seems to be pulling together and pulling apart at regular intervals here and lines are being drawn. Very interesting lines I might add.

I think that it is extremely interesting that Eric is attempting to launch his own blog aggregator, which has been “revamped” to a blog directory, which some have called a glorified blogroll (thank Uno). What I think is most interesting is that Eric in previous posts have accused local online startups and media companies of being lackluster and unoriginal, calling for fresh and international ideas to take SA in to the world when he openly states that he will be, “building our own blog aggregator – taking the best of what we see both internationally and locally.

Eric, Tell me how you starting a THIRD aggregator is showing initiative? What service will you possibly add? How do you figure that buying in to someone else’s initiative is fresh, original and groundbreaking? I am not slating your enthusiasm, passion or your business prowess at all here. I just think that if you could, you would do these things without having to call openly for people to join you when, in fact, they could do it themselves and have.

Looking at Afrigator and Amatomu, these sites are local, lekker and brilliant produced locally. They let the product (website) speak for itself and that is what the SA online market needs, not necessarily money and “backing”.

Just my two cents.