holymoses!! WTFlaminghell is going on?!
LOLs a lot .. wow.. everyone is working L8 tonight.
@Paul – so wild I do the scheduled backups & before I know it Eric has put up 3 new posts and a directory – he's a content-machine, it's scary!! just like going to bath & coming back to find a comment-party on wiredgecko .. I think he's one for daily backups.. changing the schedule NOW

For the rest i think perhaps a little tootle over to the “third blog aggregator project” page may be worthwhile as an aside : possibly, maybe or perhaps Eric was taking a little bit of the mickey out of the market's & providing a bit of the jester's perspective (just a thought). Could be why pacman is making an appearance? We honestly can't take ourselves so seriously in all of this. Strewth, maybe I'm wrong & Eric is trying to take over the world, haven't spotted a white cat hopping on his lap yet, but I'll let y'all know the moment I do!

PS. a raving fan of Amatomu o'Maher-marvel – fark bru you have some skills