One approach might be to split up Telkom in regional telecom companies – just like happened in the US, where AT&T was split into 7 ‘baby-bells’ – creating competitors that can use each others’ infra-structure.

Internet access should be like airtime – just buy a voucher at every street corner, to be used in the containers of the phone networks that offer some computers as well.

To stimulate pc ownership, used computers should be imported from overseas (which already is the case, only on a small scale) – as new hardware is too expensive here as well.

Kids will teach each other faster how to use their pc’s than the school system will be able to do – their parents will follow suit.

What amazes me is the fact that the big corporations do not stand up against Telkom – they need cheap telecommunications for their call centers etc.? Or do they have ‘special deals’ to keep them silent (and starting competitors out)?