Sunday Times publishes under Creative Commons

Carly pointed out to me that the Sunday Times site has a Creative Commons licensed special report about digital culture. The whole page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license and it focuses on topics like the Cape Town Free Culture Tour due to run from tomorrow until Friday and Wikipedia.

Sunday Times Special Report

You can also find two video interviews with iCommons Executive Director, Heather Ford, and some information about Creative Commons itself and how it affects you. The Q&A with Ian Gilfillan about Wikipedia and South African language entries on Wikipedia was pretty interesting as well. There really aren’t that many indigenous language contributions on Wikipedia at all.

This special report is significant because it was published under a Creative Commons license. Typically mainstream media publishes their content under full copyright (where all rights are reserved). I would love to see this become a more common occurrence and have mainstream media content published under some form of Creative Commons license going forward. What do you say Sunday Times? Mail & Guardian?

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