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Remember the controversy over the Kryptonite bicycle locks in the USA a couple years ago? Well, Kryptonite has finally arrived in the blogosphere and has launched a blog called “Unbreakable Bonds“. Here is an extract from the first post:

So. We’re officially here. In the blogosphere. Finally.

I struggled with what would be the first official post. It should be prolific after all this time, right? Grand in nature. Broad in scope. So, I struggled. How would we start this company blog? I struggled some more. And then I realized it’s just like walking into a room full of people you’ve never met – we’ll introduce ourselves to you. It seems like the polite thing to do, right?

First the company. We are Kryptonite – the company that innovated the bicycle u-lock awhile back….way back. So far back that we actually created the bicycle security category and then, subsequently, the motorcycle security category.

This space isn’t about that. This space is about people. People who have an unbreakable bond to something action sports related. People here in this office are passionate about cycling, motorcycling, triathlon, hockey, volleyball, skiing and don’t even get me started on the snowmobile trips I’ve heard about. We are a passionate group of people. You’ll learn more about us – not the company, the people behind it.

The significance of this blog (albeit a little late in the day) is that the company’s failure to really respond to the flaw in its locks led to a firestorm on the blogosphere that nearly sank the company. This blog should really have been launched in 2004 when the poo hit the fan but it is never too late to take an interest in the conversation about your products …

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