Neotel’s instant new infrastructure

I saw last night on ITWeb that Neotel has bought Transtel from Transnet for R230m. This acquisition gives Neotel a national footprint and long distance lines. I seem to recall that Transtel was one of the members of the consortium that created Neotel in the first place so this is probably a bit of housekeeping. The price really doesn’t seem all that high given revenue estimates in excess of R400m per annum. This is also the second purchase of an part of Transtel as Neotel purchased the telecoms infrastructure in Transtel for around R256m last year August which gave Neotel the boost it needed to jump into the enterprise space pretty quickly.

As for us consumers tortured by Telkom’s pricing structure and their lame Closer ads? We’ll probably only start to see services (voice and data) roll out in June or so. Holding thumbs they have a decent broadband offering for decent prices …

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