For the social media/Web 2.0 sceptics

There is a pretty interesting post on New Communications Review about the term “social media”. Doc Searls and Robert Scoble weighed with their thoughts about the term. Doc isn’t too enamoured with the term and prefers to think in terms of the constituent new media elements (oops, another buzzword) like blogs and podcasts. Scoble, on the other hand, recognises the value in a descriptive term.

I prefer the term Social Web to Web 2.0 but even that is a buzzword, potentially. On the other hand it does depend on how you use the term. Sure, if it is a constantly moving target you can never really get a bead on what the term stands for and it because useless as a descriptive term and fantastic for clueless consultants but if you are clear about what it stands for, it can be a handy tool.

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