Business interest in social media

There are some interesting stats on business adoption of social media on BizCommunity from a survey conducted by Melcrum. Here are some of the stats that interested me most:

  • 55% of companies are already blogging or plan to start blogging in the next year;
  • Other popular new media elements were podcasts (43%), RSS/webfeeds (51%) and social networks like LinkedIn (41%);
  • 70% of the respondents had no policies in place to deal with blogging and the use of other new media elements in the company.

Now this research was conducted overseas so the figures probably don’t really have too much meaning here in South Africa but on the assumption we are following international trends, this information is pretty informative. Being the resident lawyer here at chilibean the last statistic is pretty scary. Every company should have an acceptable use policy to deal with how that company’s IT infrastructure is used and that includes new media elements. It is fantastic that employees are blogging and podcasting and that should be encouraged but the process should be managed to minimise the potential for liability.

(Source: Social Media)

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