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Given that this is the Easter weekend it seems fitting to publish this post. First we had YouTube, then Pornotube and now, to bring balance to the Force there is GodTube.

GodTube screenshot

As you may expect, GodTube is a video sharing site with a religious theme. It is tailored specifically for Christians and is an opportunity to publish Christian video content. Registration on the site is free but don’t think you are going to get away with uploading video content that is not on topic. The content is policed by the community. According to the Help page:

How does GodTube handle inappropriate content?

Our community understands the terms of use and effectively polices the site for inappropriate content (similar to other open internet communities such as eBay and craigslist). Their vigilance combined with our proprietary technology helps us to enforce our community standards.

GodTube has multiple channels that include Bible, Calling, Prayer, Family and Youth. There is even an Islamic Militant channel. In addition to channels there are also a number of groups covering topics from Christian Rock to an interesting group called “Soular Powered Adventures” which describes itself as follows:

Soular Powered Adventures was created in 2006 (by Christian singles – for Christian singles) to provide opportunities to meet through fun, unique and enjoyable activities in Dade and Broward counties of South Florida. In our fast-paced South Florida singles environment, it can be difficult for the Christian single to create the right balance of fun and spiritual integrity. Our monthly events are planned to encourage fellowship and friendship with other single Christian adults in an environment where they feel safe to meet new people without experiencing the pressures of the typical singles scene. Soular Powered Adventures is a welcome alternative to the few choices previously available to Christian singles.

Now it turns out there is also a video sharing site for our Muslim neighbours and it is called IslamTube. It uses a similar content management system and , I imagine, fulfills a similar purpose to GodTube.

What I haven’t come across yet is a similar service for Jews yet (would that be called YidTube perhaps?) but what these two sites do show is how video sharing is being localised, not just geographically, but also culturally. The one-size-fits-all video sharing sites like YouTube and Revver are great services but due to their universal nature, they won’t probably won’t be seen as having sufficient content on one specific topic compared to specialised sites like these two services. Then again, they may have more content on that topic but you are going to have to find it.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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