The GeckoVox netcast

I have just released the first episode of the GeckoVox netcast. The netcast is the 3rd netcast/podcast I am involved in and the second in the 3puppies Media Network. GeckoVox is intended to be a companion netcast to Wired Gecko and I think I am going to have some fun with it.

The feed is right here so go ahead and subscribe to the first episode which was also produced for the iPodcast competition (I am angling for a new MacBook!!). If you have a few moments you can vote for GeckoVox here (GeckoVox should be in the Society & Culture category although I don’t see it up there yet – please let me know if you don’t find it either).

As you can see, I am playing around with the format. In this first episode I played a track throughout the episode. What do you think about this as opposed to a bit of music in the beginning and a bit at the end? What about the duration? Episode 1 is about 4 minutes long because of the competition constraints but I have thought about keeping it around that duration. Your feedback will be very much appreciated so drop me a line or 2 when you have a chance.

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