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I published a post here a while ago titled “Why bloggers should blog under Creative Commons license” which was picked up, tweaked and republished on the iCommons blog in the last few days (thanks Heather and Daniela). I saw from my Technorati watchlist that the iCommons version has been mentioned on the Creative Commons blog:

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PD license.pngThere are more and more bloggers using Creative Commons licenses, both here in South Africa, and overseas and it is fantastic to see because it means that the content published on those blogs can be shared pretty easily (bearing in mind the constraints of the license). I noticed the other day that Rich…! and the okes at Hello World actually publish in the public domain (they basically give their content away) and I respect that tremendously.

The big thing that seems to stand in the way of a more widespread adoption of Creative Commons licenses is education about the licenses. This is why organisations like iCommons exist and why we talk about Creative Commons so often on this blog. We support the use of Creative Commons licenses wherever possible and encourage you to find out more about them and start using the right license for you on your blog, podcast or anything you may be producing.

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