The 3rd 27 Dinner was fantastic! It was held at the Primi in Melrose Arch in Joburg and was attended by a lot of people. Over 100 people put their names down on the wiki and I can believe that they were there. The venue was a bit noisier than the first one but the venue choice is a work in progress and so far Mike and the dudes have done pretty well with their choices, at least in Joburg. The vibe was buzzing and there was a real sense of purpose there! Sure there were groups all over the place (we were at the cool kids table …) but we were all there together to enjoy the experience.

There were talks by Graham Knox, Heather Ford, Danie Roux, Nic Haralambous, Dominic White and Christof Appel. Each talk was relatively short and the only change I would make is to have fewer talks (although that would mean losing out on some great stuff but then that is what conversations are for).

Photos from the 27dinner on 27 March 2007

Vince and Matthew were there in Amatomu t-shirts and Stormhoek was giving away free t-shirts too (and I forgot to get one!). My favourite bit about the evening (aside from the talks) was chatting to people there (ok, the food was good too). I had great conversations with Angus Robinson, Andy Hadfield, Gavin Chait, Justin Hartman, Tyler Reed, Nic Haralambous, Dave Duarte, Andre Odendaal, Daedalus and more. I wish I could have spoken to more people so I’ll have to work on that in May at 27-5.

Photos from the 27dinner on 27 March 2007

I have uploaded my photos to Flickr and to my Facebook account (so if you are on Facebook feel free to add me as a friend).

Photos from the 27dinner on 27 March 2007

On the topic of Facebook you could tell how geeky/jeeky some of the people there were by which site they were connecting to. Eric Edelstein was observed with his Facebook account open and that led to a few laughs.

All in all, I had a great time last night and look forward to the next one!

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