Fun things to do with your OpenID: Jyte

I listened to a great episode of net@nite on the weekend in which Leo and Amber interviewed Scott Kveton of JanRain which is a purveyor of OpenID enabled services and providers. One of Jan Rain’s services is something called Jyte which, according to the Jyte blog

is a place to make claims about yourself, others, or just about anything. It’s a place for web surfers to see what you are up to and what you’re thinking. It’s a place to learn more about friends, and for others to learn about you through your claims, votes, and cred. It’s a place to build out your social network and share it with other sites. It’s a place to use your shiny new OpenID, and a place for people who see your OpenID around the web to discover your world.

I am still a little unsure what the value of this sort of service is except as a great way to receive some validation for yourself and your ideas and assertions. I made an initial claim that I am a chief chili and co-founder of chilibean and the majority of the people who voted on my claim disagreed! It turns out the claim wasn’t properly formatted and it has now been resubmitted.

While publishing claims are fun and all, the interesting thing for me is the integration of OpenID into the site. It is the only way you can log in and if you don’t have an OpenID, JanRain also runs MyOpenID which is an OpenID provider. We’ve talked about OpenID a couple times on chilibean and the more I hear about it the more excited I become about it. It really would go a long way towards resolving the problem of having all these login credentials on all these sites we use. What we could really use is more widespread adoption of OpenID and a way to then convert existing login credentials to OpenID (at least change the way we log in to those sites). Certainly I would like to integrate OpenID into chilibean and my other sites (I have an OpenID trial running on Wired Gecko) so if anyone knows of a reliable Drupal OpenID module, please let me know?

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