A couple updates

I know I have been pretty quiet on this site for a while now. One of the reasons is that I have been really busy working on a media business that launched last month and which I will be using to provide media focussed services. In a way chilibean is the media arm of this practice even though chilibean is a separate entity with myself and my partner Victoire Albany as co-founders and self-appointed chief chilis. This doesn’t really affect Jacobson Attorneys which continues as a commercial legal practice going forward. It just made sense to me to provide a pretty complete media service incorporating media law issues (primarily copyright and content licensing) through chilibean rather than as a small subset of this commercial practice.

Another change I have implemented (or am implementing) is the use of a service called Basecamp as a case management tool/extranet in my own practice. I will be adding new clients and their files to the system as I go (I need to scan documents that have not yet been scanned and add them to the growing body of digital content I work with each day as an alternative to paper documents) so it will take a little time to get everyone set up with the new system. The advantages of this include:

  • clients are able to access documents in their file when they need them;
  • there is a central space where the progress of the case can be monitored using tools like milestones and tasks;
  • specific individuals in an organisation or everyone in the organisation can be given access to a range of documents as they become available

I believe that this service will only add to my clients’ ability to remain involved in their files and keep tabs on what is going on. Another feature is the ability to leave messages and to respond to them and this is really an alternative to email which could work out pretty well overall because these messages, the files uploaded and other aspects of the cases concerned are all aggregated in one convenient place.

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