Not terribly impressed with Drupal

Drupal.pngI started the 3puppies site with Drupal and I have to say I am not terribly impressed with Drupal as a blogging engine. It is a fantastic CMS (content management system) and has functionality WordPress just doesn’t do very well but as a platform to blog on, I am not exactly thrilled. For one thing, the anti-spam features are perhaps as much of a pain in the ass as the spam itself. WordPress has the excellent Spam Karma 2 which nails those buggers nice and good! Drupal has an Akismet implementation that doesn’t seem to be talking to the mothership and some spam module that doesn’t really do much except complain about the spam I receive.

I started using MarsEdit as my blog editor (30 day trial) to see how it works compared to Qumana (which is a memory hog of note and drives me nuts sometimes) and aside from the lack of a WYSIWYG interface and the need to still apply the html tags (albeit through a menu system), it is really fast. I still prefer typing my Technorati tags free form in Qumana but I can get used to this methodology. The big issue I now have is that two of my sites run on Drupal (chilibean and 3puppies) and MarsEdit doesn’t seem to work very well with Drupal and the best I can do is emulate the MovableType thingy but then I don’t get categories so I may wind up using Qumana again for the Drupal posts even though the app doesn’t publish to the correct times and slows my machine down.

So anyway, I blame Drupal!

Update: I emailed Daniel Jalkut, the guy behind MarsEdit’s owner, Red Sweater Software, and he came up with a suggestion that resolved my issue with MarsEdit and Drupal. Basically it involves setting the platform choice in the blog settings to Movable Type, clearing the RPC Console (don’t know if this actually does anything but the process worked for me) and then refreshing the blog in MarsEdit. Works like a charm and I am now even posting with the correct time/date stamp to Drupal.

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