ClaimID goes a little social

ClaimID, the awesome "Identity 2.0" site I use to assert my online identity has gone a little social with a new feature that allows you to add contacts. I just tried it with Stii (who has a blank public profile) so if you are reading this Stii, say "yes" so I can see how this whole thing works. The feature runs on OpenID and that is pretty nifty (to paraphrase Mike):

We™re the first ones to admit it, when we designed ClaimID, we expressly stayed away from making it a social networking product. Why? It didn™t make sense – ClaimID is about you. But over time, we realized that just like your links and OpenIDs make up your online identity, so do your friends and contacts. Identity is social, and there™s really no way to avoid that. So this morning, we™re introducing a very lightweight feature that enables you to add contacts in ClaimID.

So we thought long and hard about this, and we realized that OpenID provided us a solution. As a result, we™ve made our new contacts feature OpenID-based. This means that you can add contacts directly in the service, or you can add OpenID contacts. If your boss doesn™t have a ClaimID, but her blog is an OpenID, she can still be your contact in ClaimID. Why hasn™t the internet been like this all along? :)

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